The grass is truly greener on our side of the fence. Our goal is to create a healthy environment for your turf growth, and get your lawn in picture perfect shape! Call us today to set up a consultation.

  • Soil nutrient enrichment using the finest quality fertilizers
  • Healthy root development through the cultivation of soil micro-organisms
  • Insect, pest, and disease control
  • Weed controls, including many hard-to-kill weeds
  • Proper eco-friendly practices through careful application and water use
  • Seeding and turf renovations

Lawn Care

Our system nurtures your soil with beneficial micro-organisms and fertilizers using proper eco-friendly practices.


We develop programs promoting lawn health and beauty through a series of applications and treatments. The goal of our customized program is to create a healthy environment for your turf growth, as well as design a low maintenance custom landscape that is beautiful, unique, and great for kids and pets.


Our staff is expertly and continually trained, and most importantly, licensed. Our professionals take every extra step to ensure your satisfaction. We never cut corners, rush our work or skip important procedures.


These are the steps to achieve best results

  • Soil preparation to break up compacted soils and improve drainage
  • Incorporate topsoil/sand/compost mixed into the existing soils
  • Set a rough grade
  • Install irrigation system
  • Hand rake the area
  • Apply seed/roll/starter fertilizer
  • Apply fertilizer application after 3 weeks

Soil Preparation

Week 1 – Seeding

Week 4


Week 2

Week 5


Week 3

Week 6